Manderley Turf and Habitat for Humanity join forces to help those in need

In June Manderley Turf products was proud to help Habitat for Humanity with the 2nd phase of their Orleans project by donating Manderley Premium Sod. This sod was kindly laid by volunteer Medical Students and was used for landscaping 6 units occupied by Habitat for Humanity family partners.            

Calgary Stampede Breakfast

On July 10th 2015 Manderley hosted our first Calgary Stampede Breakfast. Our Landscapers and Contractors were invited to come and enjoy a delicious feast at our Calgary Distribution Centre. Thanks to catering by Illichmann Sausage, our amazing customers and staff the event was a great success.    

Sod reduces soil erosion.

Your lawn and its root system will work to “hold” soil in place, so that the soil stays where it’s needed and dirt in water passing through will keep from running off into the drainage system or more unwanted places, like your basement or pooling in your yard.

Sod cleans our water.

Lawns and their underlying root systems and thatch act as one of the best filters for water to pass through. Water moves through the grass and reaches the municipal systems or bodies of water clearer and cleaner. That’s good for all of us.

Healthy sod builds healthy soil.

Healthy grass coverage builds up the health of the topsoil through the decay of grass clippings and its root system. Providing oxygen, better access to water and organics for the inhabitants, like earthworms and microbes because the soil around a healthy grass root system will hold more nutrients and moisture.

Sod cleans our air.

Grass catches many airborne pollutants like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and smog, largely with the action of the wind and rain- making the air we all breathe a little cleaner today and for generations to come.

Sod produces more oxygen than trees.

It’s not a well-known fact that a grass lawn produces oxygen for our environment at a far greater rate than the same area of trees. One acre of trees with full canopy coverage produces enough oxygen for between 8 and 18 people. The same acre in just grass cover produces enough for 70 people!

Manderley Achieves 94% in NSGA Green Certification Audit

Manderley Turf Products achieves 94% in its audit as a Green Certified operation by the Nursery Sod Growers Association of Ontario (NSGA). The audit was performed by Validus, a third party firm. The goal is of the audit is for the sod grower to achieve certification or identify non-conformances to be corrected in order to obtain certification. The NSGA Green Certification program ensures that companies meet the desired expectations of consumers to protect natural resources,

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How To Guide

Your lawn won’t take care of itself. Like any plant, turfgrass requires stable conditions in order to thrive. With just a little attention, you and your family can enjoy a lush and beautiful lawn – we’re here to help you do it! Installing Your Lawn Soil preparation prior to installation is essential in promoting a healthy and beautiful lawn. Avoid future headaches by taking the extra time to ensure that your soil is in the

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