Only YOU Can Save Water – Here’s How!

  It’s no surprise that lawns require a good drink every so often, and many of us soak our grass without even considering wastage. Caring for your grass doesn’t have to be wasteful, but you have to manage your inputs right. Thankfully, there are environmentally friendly ways of maintaining a lush, beautiful lawn while prioritizing water conservation: Grow Healthy Roots Deeper and stronger roots are more efficient at finding water and nutrients, and doing everything

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Sweltering Hot!

Now that spring is behind us and your lawn is green, healthy and ready for summer, your next challenge is to keep it that way as the mercury rises. Under the burning sun of July and August, your lawn will consume more water and nutrients. If you start to notice a brownish hue, especially in high­use areas, your lawn may either not be getting enough water, or your soil may suffer from a nutrient deficiency.

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Sod cleans our water.

Lawns and their underlying root systems and thatch act as one of the best filters for water to pass through. Water moves through the grass and reaches the municipal systems or bodies of water clearer and cleaner. That’s good for all of us.