Is my lawn full of weeds? What you need to know about grass seed-heads

During late spring to early summer, Kentucky Bluegrass lawns may begin going to seed. You may be thinking that your lawn is being inundated with weeds but, in fact, these are just seed-heads, a natural occurrence for about a month in the lifecycle of your Kentucky Bluegrass lawn. Grass going to seed is a natural process and is actually a good sign the plant is healthy and growing well. If you’re concerned about the state

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Less Water Sod is a Win-Win for You and Your Customers

Increasing the bottom line is always important for any business owner. But how can you accomplish this, while also creating value for your customers? Introducing Manderley Less Water Sod, a premium, drought tolerant, sod product that can be sold at a higher price, while providing benefits to your customer and affording you with the unique opportunity to position your company as environmentally responsible.  Your clients will thank you for using a product that looks great

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Redefining how we look at lawns!

The role of lawns in our communities has long been an important one with urban green spaces providing important public health benefits including the promotion of an active lifestyle, stress reduction and community creation. At Manderley, our goal is to green up our communities! Although in recent years much has been made of the wastefulness of maintaining a “perfect’ lawn. This view often overlooks the positive attributes of turfgrass including oxygen production, removal of carbon

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Understanding Fertilizer

Taking care of your lawn is important if you want to be able to enjoy a functional, healthy green space. The key ingredients for getting the results you desire are sunlight, water and nutrients. While many lawns, especially those using drought tolerant grasses, can get by on the water and sunlight provided by nature alone, many residential soils are lacking in essential nutrients. Even healthier soils can develop nutrient deficiencies over time. That’s why it’s

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10 Surprising Facts About Turfgrass

Do you know these surprising facts about turfgrass and sod in Canada?

  • Where can you expect to find turf grass? Residential lawns, commercial lawns, golf courses, sports fields, parks, cemeteries, roadsides, and, of course, sod farms.
  • Did you know that there are more than 10,000 types of grass? In addition to lush green turfgrass, rice, wheat, corn, bamboo, and sugar cane are all varieties of grass as well.
  • You might assume that a blade of
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