Fall Lawn Care Tips

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You may be surprised to hear that fall, in many ways, is actually the ideal time to install your new lawn. Sod takes quicker in cooler temperatures. These conditions will maintain relatively constant moisture levels in the soil that will facilitate root zone development. That means less work for you and less room for error. Freshly cut sod will also last longer in cooler temperatures; however we recommend that you lay your sod immediately upon receiving it.

Not looking to install a new lawn? That’s okay; there is still a lot you can do to help prepare your lawn for winter to have a lush and vibrant lawn next summer! Here is a list of things that you can do to strengthen your lawn this fall!

Fall Lawn Care Checklist

By: Kelly Burke, About.com Guide

  1. Reduce mowing height and begin mulching and raking leaves as they fall.
  2. Reduce mowing frequency as temperatures cool and growth decreases.
  3. Reduce watering frequency.
  4. Apply fertilizer in the early fall.
  5. Re-seed and top dress weak or dead areas.
  6. Monitor for insects and insect damage.
  7. De-thatch/aerate
  8. Dormant feed with a slow release nitrogen fertilizer. Late fall fertilization is the most important application of the year.
  9. Winterize mowers, trimmers, and hand tools.
  10. Winterize irrigation system, drain and store hoses and sprinklers.


  • Cam

    We love working with sod in the fall as well, not just for the reasons you mentioned but after spending the entire summer working outside in the heat it’s nice for the change of pace and temperature that fall lawn installations bring. We can roll out a new lawn with sod in the fall and not even break a sweat.

    In our area of BC (Vancouver Island) we have very mild winters so sod installations can pretty much occur year round.

  • Gregory Willard

    I never knew that reducing the mowing height would help your yard. I always mow at the same height even thought it gets colder. I will have to remember these tips. Thanks for the info.

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