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Seasonal Maintenance Package

Everything you need to keep your lawn healthy and looking great, year after year! This package includes:

  • 1 Blue Cube of Garden Starter Soil (1 cu.yd.): A premium blend of local organic-based soil, recycled compost, sand and bark mulch compost designed to ensure the best starting conditions for any growing area. Perfect for new flower or vegetable gardens, filling planters, topdressing and enhancing tired, existing soils.
  • 1kg bag of Manderley’s ProGrade Quick Start Seed: A premium blend of 50% fast germinating Ryegrass, 30% Fine Fescue and 20% Kentucky Bluegrass. Great when used as an overseeding mix and when quick results are desired.
  • 8kg bag of Manderley’s Spring Formula Fertilizer: Designed to kick-start your lawn into action after winter dormancy, this blend helps to strengthen and repair any lawn in Western Canada. Manderley’s Spring Formula Fertilizer will also help your lawn achieve early season green colour, for a better-looking lawn, sooner.
  • 8kg bag of Manderley’s Summer Formula Fertilizer:  Designed for best results during the warm summer months in Alberta, our Summer Formula Fertilizer balanced blend of potassium to reduce plant stress and retain water, and nitrogen to keep your lawn healthy and green throughout the growing season.
  • 8kg bag of Manderley’s Fall Formula Fertilizer: Designed to prepare your lawn for Western Canadian winters, this potassium-rich blend helps to improve your lawn’s winter hardiness and reduce the risk of complications next spring. A great finish to the growing season, getting you set up for a healthy lawn come springtime.