Lawn Care Tips for Canadian Winters

Canadian winters can be unpredictable to say the least and may expose your lawn to some harsh conditions during the cold weather months. But you don’t have to let the time and money you spend each summer maintaining your lawn go to waste because of tough winter weather. There are things you can do during the cold and snowy months to help ensure you enjoy a healthy green bed of grass once spring returns. Here

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Less Water – all the benefits, but with a lessened footprint

With drought and water-related issues on the rise, there has been a growing call for measures to reduce waste and negative impacts on our ecosystems. Outdoor water waste use during hot summers has been a particular area of focus for environmentalists, with the grass lawn identified as the major culprit. This scapegoating of grass lawns has led to the increase in synthetic ground covers and even municipalities paying residents to remove their lawns altogether. The

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How are natural grass lawns benefiting our environment?

Natural grass has long played an important role in creating greener communities. There are environmental and personal benefits hiding in your landscape that a natural grass lawn can provide to you. Here are just 10 of the amazing ways an all-natural lawn is the right choice for you, so you can be sure you’re always getting the most out of your property, without compromising quality:

  • Natural grass lawns filter rainwater and runoff for cleaner ground
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  • A few ways topsoil can help your lawn

    The list of uses for topsoil is long, it’s a versatile product that works great for general landscaping projects, and particularly, lawn care. It’s no secret that lawns require a bit of seasonal maintenance to keep them healthy and beautiful. With the right products, your lawn maintenance doesn’t have to take up a ton of your time, and topsoil is a great product to help you get the job done in less time! Manderley’s professional

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    Play, unplugged, with Manderley and Come Alive Outside!

    At Manderley, we know that lawns provide a safe space to play to promote healthy levels of activity, which is why we’re happy to be partnering once again with Come Alive Outside for their Green Street Challenge! The Green Street Challenge is designed to give communities the opportunity to celebrate the importance of outdoor, unstructured play through the creation of temporary parks in communities across North America using natural grass The event is put on

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    Use compost and watch your green spaces thrive!

    After spending time and money transforming your landscapes this summer, it’s important to protect your investment by giving your grass and plants the best possible growing conditions so they can thrive. If you’re not seeing the results you had hoped for this year, it may be time to add compost to your soil. Compost helps your lawn and garden better retain nutrients, moisture, and air for healthier plants. We’ve broken down just a couple of

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    Fertilize your lawn to keep it looking great!

    While lawns, especially those made up of drought tolerant grasses, can thrive in hot periods and without much water, soil health is one ingredient for a healthy lawn that can never be overlooked. Most of the time, soils found in new housing developments lack tilth, nutrients and have little organic material or biological activity. This is hardly the best conditions for starting a new lawn or garden. Even healthy soils can naturally develop nutrient deficiencies

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    Save time pulling weeds when you overseed!

    Let’s face it, nobody likes pulling weeds. It’s a time consuming and back breaking task, and likely not the way you envision spending your limited free time outdoors. But there are a few things you can do, like overseeding your lawn, to protect against the emergence of unwanted plants and help ensure you can spend less time pulling weeds, and more time enjoying your green spaces. You can improve your lawn’s health by using Manderley

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    #BlueCubes4Kids Campaign is back! And you can help!

    Manderley’s excited to be teaming up with the CHEO Foundation again this year to help raise funds for Childhood Cancer! During the month of May, Manderley will donate $20 from every Blue Cube Mini of Garden Soil to the Pediatric Oncology Fund at the CHEO Foundation. Last year we raised $2500 for the CHEO foundation, and we’re aiming to surpass that mark this year, with your help.  Thanks to your purchase, CHEO can continue to

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    Prepare Your Lawn For Spring With Tips From The NSGA

    Spring is in the air! And our partners at the Nsga Ontario have shared some great pointers to help prepare your lawn for spring. Be sure to check out these tips, and with the help of Manderley products you too can have a healthy, strong, green lawn to enjoy all summer long. You can read their full blog here: