Featured Landscaper – We Sod It Landscaping

We Sod It Landscaping has been Greening Up the city of Calgary since 2008. Owner Jason Dyler and his crew strive to provide exceptional quality, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. We asked Jason what sets We Sod It apart from the rest. “My Father, who is my hero when it comes to business, instilled in me the importance of paying attention to the little details, but more importantly what full customer service means. At

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How to simply add more value for your customers while increasing your revenue

The simplest add-on you can provide your sod customers to benefit their property, and reduce the likelihood of a warranty callback, is fertilizer. Fertilizers can be beneficial from the time of installation through to establishment and then at any stage of the plant’s lifecycle. But did you ever think of seed as an option? It seems counterintuitive, right? Especially since you’ve just installed a beautiful grass lawn – but who doesn’t want added insurance? Increasing

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Your Guide to Summer Lawn Maintenance

The hottest season of the year also brings with it a new set of challenges for those of us seeking to grow and maintain a lush, green lawn. However, with some clever planning, you can maintain a healthy and lush lawn this summer. Dealing with Heat and Dryness As the temperature rises, it can become increasingly difficult to efficiently maintain your lawn without careful preparation. A lawn can only last so long without adequate irrigation,

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Grand Défis: A spectacular cycling marathon to promote healthy living habits

The Grand Défis Pierre Lavoie is a 1,000km relay bike race that takes place over 4 days and 60 hours of cycling. The course runs from Saguenay to Montreal with stops throughout Quebec. The goal of the event is to raise funds to support projects that promote healthy living habits in young people and to support research of hereditary orphan diseases. In 2016, the Grand Défis raised $3.6 million for these initiatives. Manderley is thrilled

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 Only YOU Can Save Water – Here’s How!

  It’s no surprise that lawns require a good drink every so often, and many of us soak our grass without even considering wastage. Caring for your grass doesn’t have to be wasteful, but you have to manage your inputs right. Thankfully, there are environmentally friendly ways of maintaining a lush, beautiful lawn while prioritizing water conservation: Grow Healthy Roots Deeper and stronger roots are more efficient at finding water and nutrients, and doing everything

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How to Fertilize Responsibly

Whether you’re installing a brand-new lawn, overseeding or simply trying to keep your existing lawn looking it’s best – fertilizer can help you get the results you desire, fast! But if you choose to fertilize, it’s important to do it right! Where to start? Understanding the different nutrient needs your lawn has at different times of the year and at different stages of its life-cycle will help you pick the appropriate fertilizer for your requirements

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Redefining how we look at lawns!

The role of lawns in our communities has long been an important one with urban green spaces providing important public health benefits including the promotion of an active lifestyle, stress reduction and community creation. At Manderley, our goal is to green up our communities! Although in recent years much has been made of the wastefulness of maintaining a “perfect’ lawn. This view often overlooks the positive attributes of turfgrass including oxygen production, removal of carbon

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Green Up with Manderley Less Water!

At Manderley, our goal is to grow greener communities. Urban greenspaces provide important public health benefits including the promotion of an active lifestyle, stress reduction and community creation, to name a few. The role of grass areas in our communities has long been an important one, though in recent years much has been made of the wastefulness of maintaining a “perfect” lawn. This view often neglects many of the positive attributes of grasses including oxygen

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Kick Start your Lawn this Spring with these Maintenance Musts!

Spring is here and your lawn will soon be waking up from its long winter’s nap. If you’re wondering how best to prepare your lawn for the growing season, wonder no more! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to getting the results you desire in 2017! Step 1: Let your soil dry up

  • Don’t be in a hurry, wait until the soil dries out before you start working your
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Landscaper Showcase – Harmony Gardens Landscaping

For the past 16 years Harmony Gardens Landscaping from Richmond, Ontario has been transforming lawns into great green spaces using solely Manderley sod products. The pictures speak for themselves!    Find out more about Manderley sod products here! Check out more from Harmony Gardens here!